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The JWPlayer media player uses the following keyboard shortcuts:

bug/feature: must focus events to the player first, e.g. by clicking "play"

Toggle play/pause.

Seek back/forward a certain amount of seconds. The default is to adjust the step size according to the duration of the video. This can be changed by setting the shortcuts.step or shortcuts.steps flashvars. Since Flash can only seek to a keyframe in the video, the accuracy of this operation depends on the encoding of the video; it will end up on the closest keyframe. In case the closest keyframe to the frame you want to seek to is the same as the current frame, the plugin will extend the seek in the direction you want to go until it finds another keyframe. It will also try to prevent you from seeking past the end of the video (to avoid resetting the player or skipping to the next clip). But this is not always possible.

You can modify the step size by using Shift (x2), Ctrl (x4) and Shift+Ctrl (x1/4). On a Mac you shold use the Command key instead of Ctrl.

. (dot)
Step advance. This advances the playhead between 1/10 and 2/10 of a second. Not frame advance but somewhere up the same alley.

Slow motion, or continuous step advance. Leave slow motion by pressing any key. Slow motion must be enabled by setting the shortcuts.slowmotion flashvar to 'true'.

Restart the video from the beginning.

Increse/decrese volume.


Enter fullscreen. You can also use the Esc key to toggle fullscreen on/off.

N or >
Next item in playlist.

P or <
Previous item in playlist.

Bookmarking useful facet selections:

Select a single podcast producer:


Select multiple podcast producers


Select a single podcast topic:


Select multiple podcast topics:

NPRpods3?topic=Music;Jazz;Classical Music;World Music;Pop Music

Multiple-select both ?producer and ?topic:

NPRpods3?topic=Music;Jazz;Classical Music;World Music;Pop Music&producer=KCRW;NPR

Search Podasts:


DON'T USE, CAUSES EXHIBIT BUG: given parameter ?search=Jazz , "Jazz" is correctly entered in search textfield, but all entries are shown. Furthermore changing the text in search gives "working" message, but doesn't actually change the entries (must "clear" hit return, and start a different search over to get search working again ). If ?search argument is not used, then search works correctly and narrows the number of entries as you type. This probably just needs a callback to fire on data-load to narrow-restrictions to the search text.

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