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Audio Browsing, Recording and Playback

Figure 4: Audio Recording and Playback - showing pop-up Audio Control Panel and Audio File Browser Windows

WWWeasel allows audio clips to be recorded, played back, and inserted into documents. Audio may be used to audio annotate an existing document; one may also use audio annotations in conjunction with links to other engineer's notebook entries in creating audio commentary on other engineer's designs.

When an audio file is browsed, the text information area displays the size, sample-length, and sampling rate of the audio clip. The ``play'' toggle will play the audio file that is currently selected in the media browser. The ``record'' toggle will initiate audio recording, terminating when that toggle is hit again, or when the ``stop'' toggle is hit.

Figure 4 shows the Media Browser's audio recording and playback panel, along with the SGI audio control panel window and WWWeasel's audio file browser popup window. Both windows can be launched from the Audio media panel.


Niels P. Mayer