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HTML Editing - Structure and WYSIWYG

WWWeasel's advanced media handling capabilities are coupled with a unique HTML editor that combines both structure and WYSIWYG editing, with all commands working in a consistent fashion between the two editing modes. In particular, both the structure and WYSIWYG editor have the notion of an insertion point where media or markups will be inserted. One may also select nodes in the structure view, or set a cursor position in the WYSIWYG view, and a single, consistent ``browse'' command will show the selected item in the ``Media Browser'', with subsequent invocations of the command showing container HTML markups ``above'' the selected node. Other operators that perform common functions between views include ``delete'' and ``insert'' commands.

Each Editor window displays a single HTML file, and each window maintains it's own media panel and associated media selections, file browsers, etc. WWWeasel allows simultaneous editing of multiple files by opening multiple editor windows from the same WWWeasel process.


Niels P. Mayer